v The history of Naa Jeringa wall in Nalerigu

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The history of Naa Jeringa wall in Nalerigu


The history of Naa Jeringa wall in Nalerigu 


We are told among the many reasons why this giant wall came to been, was to forever  give posterity a clearer trace to the reign of this poor King who wasn't soo fortunate to have a perfect male successor or a line of males to take  over the skins and keep replenishing his name when he finally goes home. History has also recounted, that even though it did equally conferred spiritual protection to the then inhabitants of Nalerigu but it was primarily base on this realm, this sad sage sought making hay on a brighter, sunny day, he knew that the only way to market his tears of grief with his eyes less protruding, was to put up an early bellow, just as the saying goes, when you know your anus hardly hold faeces, ascertain ways and manners to pass flatulence, for you may accidentally soil your self one day. This was a man who understood his unfavorable predicament and thought hard unraveling solutions, he ate to his fill, before he could scold the chef for serving a saline dish but for us, his life and story seems not to give us  any cue, we haven't learnt any moral from it at all, we also haven't realized who we are, we haven't realized that when you don't have much, you must learn to preserve and nurture, it is equally based on this, that have made it quiet easy, for one to postulate that, the reason why the great Mamprugu Kingdom suffers a deficit of a well coherent and reliable history is because they simply lack the virtue of maintenance, that culture is deficient.


For long we haven't realized that in this land of ours, we have no treasure, not a land oozing oil or a forest yielding cocoa but the residue of an abandoned mud wall, trembling on fragile feet, which when given little mortar on its cracks shall become a beacon, curbing and guiding history not to falter but sadly, all we see is negligence, negligence exacerbating and like a negative demand curve, when negligence grows, definitely sustainability stagnates, it is a prime threat to sustainability. The youth who have also waken up to have a glimpse of its awkward physique and who should have served as  guide-dogs and advocates are those lost in political vigilantism and stewardship, they don't even know that beyond the boundaries of "Bilmi" dam, there stands a staggering community asset.


But let me just make one thing obvious, like the ungrateful man who lost his torn knicka to the uncladed man,we shall one day loss the Jeringa Wall to nothingness, we shall one day have a useless weedy land over a wall that forms a chunk of our history. That is when we will see idiots breaking fingers and bones to recount a story to a generation that shall judge our state of sanity,that is when we shall accord the popular saying,that a loaf in hand is indeed better than none, a squeaky Chariot worth a squeaky wheel, at this point, sympathy which has always emitted mercy,  will also find it soo infeasible tampering with our foolishness, for we knew but never took measures, for we heard but never heeded.


I do not write in anyway to contend myself but to tell kinsmen, that if they don't know our linens burn, I have perceived the smell. its time we do something if we indeed quest an ever flourishing history. I write to plead with the dear sons and daughters of Nalerigu and mamprugu, to do us that great favor by aiding in which ever way possible to make sure we togather secure this great monument, the wall of Jeringa needs a fence and a roof over its head. The hard rains have beaten it black and blue,it has become soo weak and slender, it may hardly survive the next raining season, hence this call for immediate action, Lets secure the wall of Jeringa if not for anything but our unborn generation, they don't just need to read and hear but also to have a feel of it. A stitch in time saves nine, history lives today because it was preserved.



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