v The invasion of Salaga brief history by Malik Alshabazz

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The invasion of Salaga brief history by Malik Alshabazz

The invasion of Salaga brief history by Malik Alshabazz

A friend once wondered why our forefathers went into far away lands to fight wars which did not benefit them. 

Perhaps my friend was partly right or perhaps he didnt understand the moral and ethical principles that ruled the lives of the lions of Dagbon.

For theirs were of valour, fame and righteousness !

So when your grandfather, Naa Ablai Naɣbiɛɣu

" Kamboŋ dapuli zaɣisi kambɔŋ ʒibu, ka dabala ʒiri kambɔŋ bobili"

" Gbugburima laɣim kɔbiga ku luhi ŋandaa"

" Tiyɔɣu galim ʒiɛriga, ʒiɛriga m biɛ"

When he went to Nanchamba and plundered it,  he went there to restore order and protect the lands of Dagbon.

And When your grandfather, Naa Andani jirilondi 

" Galibaŋ budaʒee bia goo"

" ŋun bori ma bini ka m bora, ŋun je ma bini, man zaŋ girilɔŋ"

 When he went to battle against the Zambarima, he intended to put to stop the slave raids of Babatu in the Gbewaa lands.

But perhaps, these men only lived by the legacies of their fathers and forefathers and their actions were  but only a repetition of  what their bloodlines stood for.

And whenever stories of Dagbon battles in foreign lands are told, one cant help but mention the name of your grandfather,  Miɔŋlan Sumani - Karinaa Sumani.

Naa Sumani was Zuu of your grandfather,  Naa Andani Jɛngbariga

" Pupɔriga n zaŋ dirigu bini n ŋmaligi n ti sɔŋ dirigu dooni"

" Yuɣuɣini bili gɔhi n tiligi ŋmɛri"

This means that Naa Sumani was the elder brother of Naa Yakubu Nantoo ( father of Naa Ablai Naɣbiɛɣu and Andani Naanigoo).

And that is why when the drummers beat about your grandfather, they accolade him as father of Aburu and Andani.

When Naa Andani Jɛngbariga passed on,  Naa Sumani was then chief of Miɔŋ. And it was from Miɔŋ that he assumed the role of Gbɔŋlana (regent ) of his father.

After the funeral of Naa Andani Jɛngbariga was finalised, your grandfather,  Naa Mahami came from Kariga and took over the Gbewaa skin as Yaa- Naa. 

He then gave Kariga to Naa Sumani to console him for his loss.

To the amazement of everyone,  Naa Sumani kept both Kariga and Miɔŋ for himself. That is why whenever his name is mentioned, he is often refered to as Karinaa Sumani - Miɔŋlan Sumani.

He intimated that, when Naa Mahami Nakoringa leaves the Gbewaa Skin vacant, they'll either come for the Karinaa or Miɔŋlana and that will make him legitimate to occupy the Gbewaa Skin.

But that was never to be!

And as Naa Sumani rotated between Kariga and Miɔŋ, a call came to him from a faraway land. That call was from no other but his long time friend and now chief of a town known as Kabache; Kabachewura Issifa.

It was a farming season and so your grandfather was at the farm when the chief of Kpabaya, Kpabiya-Naa Yidantɔɣima led the men to your grandfather.

The men carried a rather heavy message. 

" Your friend, Kabachewura Issifa says that, a person becomes a friend to a monkey, so that when your stick is stuck in a tree, the monkey can retrieve it for you. Today my stick is stucked  on top of  a tree".

Apparently,  his friend Kabachewura Issifa has been denied his rightful occupation as Kpembe chief by a rival gate in their chieftaincy dynasty. And he decided to reachout to no mean person but your grandfather, " Doo bi nya o to n yɛli ka di bara, n ti nya o to n taɣi zilli"

The Kpembe Skin, which is within a Gonja land, had a rather complicated system of rotation in the past.

There were three dynasties to the kpembe skin - Singbuŋ dynasty, the lepo dynasty and the Kanyase dynasty.  These three gateskins rotated the kpembe skin among themselves, except that, members of the Kanyase dynasty were often denied their right to occupy the kpembe skin for being a minority.  

And this is the very dynasty Kabachewura Issifa belonged. 

After the death of Kpembewura Banbanga,  who was from the Singbuŋ gate, the right to occupation fell at the door step of the Kanyase dynasty but that was not to be. 


A powerful chief from the Lepo dynasty by name Napo forcefully occupied the Kpembe skin, much to the displeasure of the Kanyase gate.  

This current state of despair forced the then Kabachewura to call on his friend for help. And his friend was no other but your grandfather, Karinaa Sumani - Miɔŋlan Sumani 

Picture: Kumbun-Naa Sumani

" Bimbiɛm Naa"

" Saɣim Dari Naa"

" Gbara ku gbari nyabiga dabuɣulana"

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