v (Video)The brief history created rivalry-play between Savelugu and Kumbungu-

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(Video)The brief history created rivalry-play between Savelugu and Kumbungu-

The brief history created rivalry-play between Savelugu and Kumbungu- 

The Yakuba brothers and the war lord, Kasulilan Yahaya met the viper in battle at " Nyingiliguŋ gbuni ".

And as your grandfather, Zɔɣulan sulemana once said;

" Sambariga chiriti nyina, ka garingi wum n-che biɛm niŋbu".

So the venomous viper, Kumbun-Naa Ablai rained down hell whilst the little cubs of Naa Yakuba roared like thunder. 

And in no time, the hyenas who accompanied the little lions to ward off the viper, drowned in their own blood, at the feet of the lions. 

As the warriors of Savelugu-Naa Bukali Shiɛɣubaa and his brothers were depleting, the frontline of the lions was broken and the little cubs and their warriors dispersed in all directions. 

The Yakuba brothers have failed to halt the rage of the viper and so they all abandoned the war and fled. They fled from the war scene towards Yendi. The only place safe from the viper was in the hut of the mighty Lion of Dagbon, the King of fire and iron,;

The Yaa-Naa

 " Siɣiri ni tɔbu"

Gbewaa Zuu


Tihi ni mɔrilana

Saɣim mini komlana

Ban mali laamba ba

Ban ka laamba ba

For it is a tradition in Dagbon that, when something bigger than all the descendants of Naa Gbewaa chases them, the final place for all is the hut of the Yaa Naa.

 That is why it is a great taboo that the Yaa-Naa should abscond in a battle field or from the Gbewaa palace.

 So the Yakuba brothers ran to their elder brother.They ran to Sankara-yili to seek refuge in the hut of their elder brother;

Naa Andani Naaningoo

" Galbaŋ budaʒee bi'goo"

" ŋun bori Andani bini ka o bora. ŋun je Andani , O gba je o bini"

" Mɔkarigua di diɛmdi mokpalli. O ni naaig'o tabili o balibu"

" Nini din karigi ku diɛm nyɔhi".

As the Yakuba brothers fled from the battle field and ran to their elder brother, your grandfather, Kasulilan Yahaya was disappointed and so decided to make his way back to his hometown, Kasuli. 

On his way home, he passed through a town known as " Yuɣu yili". 

He and the people of Yuɣuyili have had a  scuffle in the past. So when the people of Yuɣuyili saw that your grandfather;

 Kasuli-lan Yahaya

" Dahaman Dapali Kunduŋbil ku piri kpani. Tilim'o mi ka a nya. Ka o dim woi a nu'chee tabili a bɔɣ'guriŋ"

... when they saw that his army had attained several wounds in battle and were exhausted, they envisaged an opportunity to finish him off. So the Kambon-Naa ( chief warrior ) of Yuɣu-yili and his warriors attacked Kasuli-lan Yahaya. But the battle lasted, but brief.

 Your grandfather, Kasulilan Yahaya, plugged the head of the chief warrior of Yuɣu-yili like a piece of tomato and gave it to their chief and proceeded on with his journey.

So when Kasuli-lan Yahaya was returning to battle the next time, he passed by Yuɣu-yili to meet a rather busy town. There was drumming and firing of muskets. 

He decided to stop by and enquire about the celebration. He was told that the ceremony was the final funeral rites of the Chief warrior of Yuɣu. The same man he beheaded in his previous journey. 

When Kasulilan Yahaya heard this, he become furious and asked the crowd " Ka ŋuni n naam kuli? Ka yi ti lahi maani kuli ka bi mali ma shaawara?". To with, " Who created this funeral? How can u perform this funeral without consulting me?"

This was but a rhetoric ! Who would dare provide an answer.

This is the birth event of the popular saying in Dagbon today " Ka ŋuni n-naam kuli?" 

This was the doing of no other person, but your grandfather;

Kasulilan Yahaya

" ŋmana ŋmana diribo ka n dan bi'kpi.....".

" poli timsi bee poli bi timsa, polilan ko m-mi"

Meanwhile in Sankara yili, the Yakuba brothers arrived, with scars of war and narrated their story, whilst nursing their wounds. 

So the mighty lion of Dabon, sent emissaries to Savelugu to inform Naa' Yab Kumbun-Naa that he, Naa Andani has ordered him to vacate Savelugu and allow his sons to assume their rightful places as chiefs of Zangbaluŋ, Savelugu and Vɔɣu respectively. 

But when the emissaries returned from their journey, the message they carried was too heavy for their tongues to utter. So they passed the message to "Naa-zo". They feared to sent forth such a heavy message to the mighty lion , lest they lose their heads.

Apparently, the Venomous viper dared the lion himself. " I beat up the little puppies  so hard that, their quiver will alert the owner of the dogs, as I wait to see what the dog owner can do".  

These were the words of Naa'yab Kumbun-Naa Ablai

" Lɔɣubuya Naa" 

" Alima Dapal garinga "

Ni ŋun Ablai pala damankɔɣu. O mi pala Shaangɔhu. O mi pala Sapaɣa. Ni ŋun Ablai nyɛla Garinga. Ni ŋun diɛm garinga, ka o piɛbi saa dali bira "

Back in Savelugu, on every market day, the people of Kumbungu, who go to trade on Savelugu market days will mock at every person they meet on their way. Even in trade, if the seller is an inhabitant of Savelugu, the buyer from Kumbungu will tell him/her to shut up and let him determine the price instead. Since they, Kumbungu people were the owners of Savelugu now and should determine at what price they want to buy or sell anything in Savelugu market. This is how the mocking of the people of Savelugu started.

Yet, in the heart of the capital of Dagbon, pregnant clouds gathered.

 For the mighty lion had heard the words of Kumbun-Naa Ablai and and called for his horse. He was readying  to  journey to Yoo yili to strip the viper off his insolence. But " Baɣ'sandi kpamba, Namɔɣilinsi " went on their knees, pleading to the conscience of the Yaa-Naa to reconsider his decision.

 " Balim Balim, Andunia lana"

" Nɔm balim Balim, saɣimlana"

" Di damdi kpeeni kpeeni. Di yi pa lala, a ni ti yirigi kpumkpaamba n tabili lɔɣilinsi".

The elders would not let Naa Andani go to war against  one of his chief warriors, the Kumbun-Naa. They were mindful of the legacy such an action will create for the future Kings of Dagbon. 

And So the mighty lion, went to slumber.

But one day, something happened and the lion was awoken. ..

Savelugu Naa ŋun-Bie n kpalimɛ"

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