v History of Kasuli Lana Yahaya in Dagbaon

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History of Kasuli Lana Yahaya in Dagbaon

History of  Kasuli Lana Yahaya in Dagbaon

A lot of people in dagbong who are obsessed with history are wondering if Kasuli Lana Yahaya was a prince of a king in Dagbong (Yaa-Nabia). Kasuli Lana Yahaya(Dahamani bia,wumbei bia lɔɣaya) was not and never a prince of a king in Dagbong (Yaa-Nabia). He could be said to be a great,grandchildren of a king. Kasuli Lana Yahaya was a prince of Kasuli Lana Dahamani. Their root can be traced to the lineage of Zaɣili dapala Andani Sigli through to Dipali and then to Sinŋ and finally to Dalunŋ. It is clear in the history books of dagbong that, Zaɣili dapala Andani Sigli's eldest Prince was Tɔnŋ Lana Yaamusah. Zaɣili dapala Andani Sigli again brought forth Zoɣu(Zoggu) Lana Dasana who also gave birth to Zuɣu(Zugu) Lana Ali(Nyԑri bari chԑ kumbu kumdi wari dabuɣi Lana). Zoɣu Lana Musah gave birth to Choɣu(choggu)Naa Nantogma whiles Pishiɣu(Pishigu) Lana Nԑԑina brought forth Pishiɣu Lana dahamani. It is through the lineage of Zuɣu(Zugu) Lana Ali that Kasuli Lana Yahaya descended from (Dipali lana Yili zamba Lana noli tɔɣisi garim Ku bili zuli). Dalunŋ Lana braimah kpԑma( dalunŋ lana braimah kpԑma o nyԑli booni Braimah Bla) gave birth to Kasuli Lana Dahamani(kasuli Lana Yakubu su ŋun  ŋmԑlim Ku gbai paa). Kasuli Lana Dahamani in turn gave birth to Kasuli Lana Yahaya ( Dahamani bia,wumbei bia lɔɣaya,Ni niri ŋun saɣi Naa Naa jԑ ŋun ti doli lan saɣiri fianŋ fianŋ,Dahaman bia kalanchifu). Some scholars are of the strong believe that, Kasuli Lana Yahaya could have also arisen to become king of dagbong but for the fact of their lineage being becursed following the war/battle one of its ascendant (Tɔnŋ Lana Yaamusah) waged with the prince of the fetish priest of Baɣili.

          As already indicated in my piece "Sapashini I", the eldest prince cum regent of Zaɣili Dapala Andani Sigli was Tɔnŋ Lana Yaamusah who was also great as his father but he couldn't lived well enough to ascend the yendi skins because of his battle with the prince of the fetish priest of Baɣili. Even prior to the death of Zaɣili Dapala Andani Sigli,he forewarned his eldest Prince in the person of Tɔnŋ Lana Yaamusah to be passionate about both of his maternal and paternal families as his mother(Puumaya) hailed from Gonja whiles his father(Andani Sigli) was the king of dagbong. This warnings actually inspired the appellations for Tɔnŋ Lana Yaamusah and it goes as follows "Ni ŋun ninŋ kpuligi doɣila malla noli,Lanjinŋ doɣila malla noli, ka vabgi doɣila malla noli,Ka gamprigi doɣila malla nyoo ni dadini ka bԑ yihiri bԑ danŋni ka dadini ka bԑ kparita ndoɣi zuu yԑmbahisi ".

 The reason for his battle with the prince of the fetish priest of Baɣili was borne out of the fact that,the Prince of the fetish priest of "Baɣili" incidentally also beared the name  "Yaamusah" and was misled and hoodwinked by some elders of the equestrian order to plagiarized the aforementioned appellations of Tɔnŋ Lana Yaamusah which he of course deemed as a disrespect of a form to his status as a prince of one fearless king of dagbong. "Baɣili" is a community where descendants of kings of dagbong are prohibited from stepping foot to according to the dagbong customs and traditions. Baɣili can be located around the Kariga catchment area. And it routes goes as follows; when you get to the Kariga township precisely where its Senior high School is located which is a community call Nangunŋ. When you continue to follow the pathway which ends at Nambirigu and the deplorable road starts right after Nambirigu which leads directly to a particular dam and then to communities of Suɣiri and Yilinŋ respectively before finally touching base at Baɣili. There are certain prohibition our customs and traditions makes necessary for in/at Baɣili. They include;

(1)It is expected of every cooking woman to finished up his cooking(put out fire used for the cooking) and other secondary chores before six o'clock in the evening. Lightning of any form is prohibited in Baɣili. Up till date, the community has not been connected to the national grid.

(2)Leaning against a wall in Baɣili is for forbidden lest,  risk communicating with an unknown character or spirit.

(3)Responding to speaking and murmuring voices in the ungodly hours of evening at Baɣili is strongly advised against.

NOTE: we are told when the time of any sitting Yaa-Naa is due to answer the call of his maker, elephants, tigers, lions and its related creatures can be seen moving round/within the Baɣili community. When this happens, it signals the indigenes of  Baɣili that the king of dagbong time is up. 

          The prince of the fetish priest of "Baɣili" by name Yaamusah fell gullible and also went after the Tɔnŋ Lana Yaamusah's appellations which stunned and infuriated him. Several attempts to get the prince of the fetish priest of "Baɣili" to withdraw the plagiarized appellations failed and Tɔnŋ Lana Yaamusah declared war on the "Baɣili" community and further called on his brothers to beef up his army as he prepared to square it off  with the fetish priest of Baɣili. All his twelve (12) brothers turned up excerpt for Naa Saalam Ziblim who declined on grounds that, both his matrilineal and patrilineal home were all from Royal homes(Gbuɣima ayi bia,Nanjaaa!). Naa Saalam Ziblim mother was a princess of a king and father happens to have been a king too. Tɔnŋ Lana Yaamusah led his brothers to the battle at Baɣili but they were unsuccessful and the rest of Zaɣili Dapala Andani Sigli Princes apart from Naa saalam Ziblim could not elevate from their respective chiefdoms and Naa saalam Ziblim became the surviving prince of Zaɣili Dapala Andani Sigli who ascended the skins of Yendi. The inability of core of Zaɣili Dapala Andani Sigil's princes to ascend the Yendi skins trickled down to his descendants including descendants of Naa Saalam Ziblim.

Tɔnŋ Lana Yaamusah and his brotherhood army got to Baɣili and went straight into business but finally, the fetish priest of Baɣili was captured and asked to denounce his plagiarized appellations which was a life-saving opportunity for his own self which he blew away. The prince of the fetish prince of Baɣili was tortured to where his face was given marks and etched with pepper on three occasion and one of his ear got sliced  just so that he could  yield to Tɔnŋ Lana Yaamusah's demand but he didn't and was later and finally beheaded under the command of Tɔnŋ Lana Yaamusah.

          Kasuli Lana Yahaya was one chief who many thought was an incarnate of Zaɣili Dapala Andani Sigli. Albeit the bravery character of Kasuli Lana Yahaya, he possessed some quantum of African black magic. Kasuli Lana Yahaya was believed to be an albino who slightly wobbled when walking and had hernia(karanchisu) too. Kasuli Lana Yahaya is the only chief of Kasuli in history whose grave cannot be found or located within kasuli or anywhere in the world. Surprisingly, graves of majority of the descendants of Zaɣili dapala Andani Sigli  cannot also be found. When a chief dies in dagbong, drummers are assembled to drum-mourn the dead. When kasuli Lana Yahaya died,as he was prepared for burial and whiles the drummers were drum-mourning him, we are told, kasuli Lana changed to a crocodile. It was a paranormal thing kasuli Lana Yahaya did! Elders of the equestrian order together with some few chiefs present were shocked to the bone marrow. It's indicated the metamorphosized kasuli Lana Yahaya now crocodile set out and headed for the Dalunŋ dam as the drummers followed suit with eulogies of his ascendants. Kasuli Lana Yahaya isn't the only chief that is believed to be in the Dalunŋ dam. One chief of Dalunŋ by name Dalunŋ Lana kukɔɣayuɣu is also believed to be in the Dalunŋ dam.

          Kasuli Lana Yahaya(Dahaman bia,kudunŋ bla bi piriti kpani pirimo ka o dim ŋmagi anuu chԑi,wobri kobgi Ku daa zoli dama o nyԑla paɣa bia amaa Yaa nabihi ni ning on walin zuɣu, Ni zim ŋun ŋmԑlim Ku du kuliga). When the factions in the ancient Dagbong chieftaincy which was known as Andani gate and Ziblim gate emerged, they were consistently on each other heels and throat and that brought about some skirmishes. Kasuli Lana Yahaya heard about a plan among these factions to square it off with each other and battles or wars was what he longs for due to his brave nature. He left kasuli for Yendi to join the broil but when news of him landed on the ears of both factions, they(disputers) decided to suddenly find a redress to  their prolonged fight and an amicable resolution was finally reached at the zohe Naa’s palace before Kasuli Lana Yahaya could get to yendi. Kasuli lana Yahaya didn't want his preparation to go waist after missing out on the Ziblim gate and sigli gate fight so he decided to pitch camp at Salaga. He beheaded a lot of people at Salaga.

Below in the comment feed are pictures of the current Kasuli Lana Yakubu bla.

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