v Dressing Tips To Flaunt Your Figure(Photos)

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Dressing Tips To Flaunt Your Figure(Photos)


It's critical to believe in yourself, regardless of your size or shape. There is a lot of talk about body image and "body positivity" these days, but don't let the pressure of "accepting who you are" keep you from setting goals, losing weight, and getting healthy. Be content with yourself, but don't let that stop you from striving to be your best self.

With that in mind, here are some fashion tips to help you flatter your figure and feel your best this summer.

1. Get to Know Your True Size

Getting to know your size means being both true to yourself and aware of the different interpretations of each size that are out there on the market.

First things first, squeezing into a size too small never works out. Sure, you might be happy with what the label says, but wearing a tight outfit won’t flatter your body and you’ll be uncomfortable as well. Likewise, going too big will leave you looking shapeless and won’t flatter your figure either

If you like to shop around, remember that each brand fits differently, both in size and shape. Your body will also change from time to time as well, which means you should never go into a shop with an ‘I’m always a 14’ sort of attitude. Whether it’s bras, jeans or summer slip dresses, getting the sizing right is key to nailing your look.

2. Consider Shape Wear

Spanx High Waisted Briefs

Although the term "spanx" may conjure up images of fear, body shaping underwear has long been used to help improve the fit and appearance of your outfit. Millions of women use shapewear to target areas such as their stomach, thighs, and bum in order to achieve a smoother body shape, but this doesn't mean you have to go overboard

Every woman should have a variety of shapewear options at her disposal. High waisted briefs look great with pants, shorts, jeans, and other bottoms.

3. Utilize High Waists

High waists are all the rage right now, and you should take advantage of them to help accentuate your figure. A girl's best friend has long been the high-rise jean, with the higher, slim-fit cut offering a versatile piece that makes your legs appear to go on forever.

A high waisted belt is also a must-have accessory for cinched dresses; another versatile item that will provide you with plenty of great fitting looks. Aside from that, ultra-high waist swimwear for the pool is popular and can flatter your figure more than a standard bikini. If you go to the gym, high-waisted leggings should be a part of your active wardrobe.

4. One Color to Rule Them All

Going monochrome is a great way to create a slimming vertical line that is stylish, crisp, and easy to pull off while also eliminating the hassle of mixing and matching colors. Naturally, when discussing one color, all black comes to mind, but darker blues, reds, and greens will all produce the same effect

It's probably best to stick to darker shades over lighter ones, but don't be afraid to find a color that works for you and stick with it. Darker colors can help to conceal flaws and flatter your figure, but that doesn't mean you have to wear black all summer!

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