v How my bestie snatched my man while I was busy chasing my passion —Singer Wendy Shay opens up

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How my bestie snatched my man while I was busy chasing my passion —Singer Wendy Shay opens up


Singer Wendy Shay has opened up about the agonising experience she faced as a hardworking woman who was searching for true love.
Sharing her experience, the singer said while she was on the road chasing her passion, she lost her partner to her best friend.

She said her best friend snatched her lover while she was busy pursuing her passion in music and till date, they are still together.

Wendy wrote:

It’s hard for Hardworking women to get genuine love.

while I was on the road chasing my passion, my so called best friend was also chasing my man

and now they are together

KFN recalls that Ghanaian singer, Wendy Shay stated that some big men slid into her DM to demand sex or marriage from her.

The Rufftown signee who disclosed this in a Live Facebook video also stated that she is not ready for marriage now. According to her, she’s too busy in search of money to have time to settle down.

On the DMs she gets, Wendy Shay stated that she believes other female artists get the same too but are not going public about it.

“I know no female artists have the heart to say this in public but me Wendy Shay, I will talk about it. If I want to marry, I will do so by myself. It’s total disrespect to tell me to marry”, she said

Wendy Shay recently revealed that music is the reason why she doesn’t need a man in her life.

According to the talented singer who once got mocked for having a rotten buttocks having a man in her life will serve as a means of distraction from achieving her desired height.

It’s just because this career that I have chosen is very jealous and until I get to where I want to go I really don’t think that I want to be distracted, I don’t want to share my focus and attention.’

Wendy Shay went on to list the other things which she currently places above the need for a man at the moment.

‘I am not going to answer that, I think we are altogether adults and it’s something that is exceptionally close to home to me. Music really gets me satisfied, I have a dog, I have fishes, I love animals, pets, I like spending my day with them.’

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