v Why I’ll never stop cheating – Nkechi Blessing Reveals.

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Why I’ll never stop cheating – Nkechi Blessing Reveals.

 Why I’ll never stop cheating – Nkechi Blessing Reveals.

Controversial Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday has used an Instagram live interview with media personality and businessman, Chidi Mike, to reveal why she can’t stop cheating in her life, and it revolves around her being legally married to a man.

There’s been some misconceptions recently about the status of a lady, especially when one is perhaps in a relationship, as people find it difficult to explain whether the lady is single or not, and looking at the controversy that surrounded the relationship of the actress, which suddenly went sour, and also her revealing recently that she’s not single, it could be pretty hard for one to determine exactly her status.

According to the actress, she’s a born cheater and also a play girl, and she will continue being that way until a man puts a ring on her finger before she stops it. When she was posed with the question of what it would take for a man to control her, she stated that a man could actually control her without giving her anything, irrespective of the fact that she’s always emphasising money at all times, which apparently surprised her interviewer, Chidi.

Do you think that it’s possible to control a lady these days as a man without really bringing anything tangible to the table, especially financially?

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