v Broken heart made me a pr0st!tutẽ – Woman reveals (Video)

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Broken heart made me a pr0st!tutẽ – Woman reveals (Video)

 Broken heart made me a pr0st!tutẽ – Woman reveals (Video)

Portia Werbadua has revealed that she suffered a mental breakdown after her first boyfriend/baby daddy cheated on her with her best friend and went on to work as a s3x worker while breastfeeding.

The 31-year-old admitted it was a difficult experience because he was her first love. The consequences of that affair destroyed her mentally and emotionally.

I gave my body to a man on the first day and got GHS70. I was happy because I couldn’t get that much from selling water. It wasn’t easy, but I became used to it. I took my child home when my baby was a year old,” 

At the age of 16, the mother of one came to Accra to work. After a while of sex work, Portia mentioned that she had saved enough money to open a shop, but she soon finds herself back in the act. She thinks it’s spiritual.

They planned to marry, according to Portia, and asked her to return to Navrongo to give birth. Portia, on the other hand, came to Accra to find her first love in the arms of another woman.

Portia (then a nursing mother) stated in an interview with SVTV Africa that she became a prostitute voluntarily and without external influence. She went on to say that it was the source of her heartbreak.

“I used to sell pure water to them here, but one day I told myself I would try it. No one pushed me into it. I got into it because of the broken heart. I have no love for men anymore unless God gives that love to me again.

“I think prostitution is spiritual because I’ve tried several businesses, but I always come to it. It is dirty work, and only God can get you out of it. I don’t even have dreams anymore. I’m a deeper life member, but when I come here, I don’t remember to go,” Portia said on Ghetto Life Story. 

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