v “I want to marry a rich man” – Kisa Gbekle

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“I want to marry a rich man” – Kisa Gbekle


“I want to marry a rich man” – Kisa Gbekle

A woman from a middle-class family will do anything necessarily possible to marry into an upper-class family.

The woman’s own social class would then change from middle class to upper class because of her marriage.

This is not the first time a female celebrity has revealed to the general public that she wants to marry a rich man therefore broke guys should stop sending her love proposals.

Actress Kisa Gbekle has issued a stern warning to broke guys to stop flooding her DMs with love proposals because she’s an expensive lady and her lavish lifestyle won’t permit her to settle down with a struggling guy.

The mother of one who has excessively revealed that she’s now ready to marry has disclosed the specs of the man she wants to marry and according to her, the man should be very rich.

Because wealth is the first thing she looks for in a potential partner before she considers other things such as handsomeness etc.

Since she spends 45,000 cedis alone on rent alone, an average guy can take care of her and that’s one of the many reasons she insists on marrying a wealthy guy.

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