v A next-generation combat tanks spotted in Kazan
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A next-generation combat tanks spotted in Kazan

 A next-generation combat tanks spotted in Kazan 

Russia planning to deploy T-14 Armata in Ukraine. Videos of Russians next-gen T-14 Armata main battle tank surfaced on Russia social media signalling t future deployment in Ukraine. 

The video of the tank was reported filmed at a training ground near kazan, the capital of the Russia Republic of Tatarstan. Report say that Russia's mobilised forced are also being trained at the same location. 

The bew- gen Armata tanks are supposed to gradually replace he ageing -72, T_ 80 and T_ 90, which have suffured heavily n Ukraine.

Russia T- Armatan Tanks.

The tank is based on the Armata' universal combat platform, a next- gen modular heavy military tracked vehicle platform. 

Features of T- 14 Armata Tanks 

Digitized Technology

Unmanned remote- controlled turrent weapons 

125mm 2A82- Smoothbore cannon with automatic loader. 

Main gun fires laser guided missiles 

Automatic fire suppression system

Smoke grenade discharges 

Fitted with NBC ( Nuclear, biological and chemical) protection

The Armata' is operated by a three man crew located at the front of the hull and uses a fully remotes operated turret.

With this design, the crew is located in an internal armour capsules that is isolated from ammunition nd fuel. 

Armata layout significantly increase the chance of the crews survival if the tank is hit, a feature missing in older Russian Tank. 

Russia even claim that the T -14 Armata can withstand n attack by the American javelin anti- tank missile. 

In 2021, Russian deputy defense minister said that 20 T_14 tanks would be handed over to  the forces by the end of the year. However, report says that the deadline could not be met due to technical issues and sanctions n Russia. 


Sending Armata Tanks to Ukraine could be part of Russia plans to assess it's operational and combat capabilities. 

Experts say such a move should not come as a surprise since Russia used a similar strategy in Syria. 

Why Russia Tanks flopped in Ukraine

According to media reports, Russia has already lost 50 percent of it's operational combat tanks fleet.

Russia combat tanks before war. 2840 operational tanks.

Tank model  T- 72B/BA      65p

T- 72B3            850

T- 72B3M        530 

T- 80BV           310

T-80BVM         140

T-90/T-90A      350

T- 90M              10

Russia reported also has 10,200 tank in store including an undisclosed number of different variants of T-62 and T- 55

The heavy losses in Ukraine also compelled the Kremlin to pull old T-62 tanks out of storage.

The Ukrainian army has not only blown up many tanks but has also captured several of them

Some reports says that half of the tanks that Russia lost were abandoned by their crew. 

Reports say that Russia has been losing about 10 tanks on average per day since Ukraine launched it's counteroffensive

The anti tanks missile's supplied by the West have also played a major role in destroying Russian Tanks

On the hand, the Ukrainian army tanks losses have been much lower. 

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