v Europe to face more death than Ukraine
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Europe to face more death than Ukraine


Europe rely on Russia for 40% of it has import and those gas pipeline has been lost.

Open the winter season this year in Ukraine has led to its striking the Russian oil and gas firms markets oil and gas markets that triggered backlash from Russia all the Russian decision itself to cut gas supplies to the Nord stream pipeline through this once the Nord stream pipeline was surreptitiously blown up by a name for this there was no turning back for Europe or Asia and Europe winter plans 

for don't forget just how old is Europe this winter there are many ways to look at it we've talked about the huge economic losses and the sudden onset of the recession.

 we've talked about high energy prices impacting people's lives at this report is about more than just that it's about how many Europeans will die of cold weather this winter energy prices have an impact on this test and is this number bigger than the number of Al

when it comes to how many Europeans my diary of the coldest winter the estimate according to The economist is anywhere between an increase of 32000 deaths from the historical average and a mild winter and a total of 335000 in a harsh winter yes 335,000 deaths in the winter shows no kindness towards the European continent that's a striking number of deaths that can be caused by the cold but you know postpone to facing hydatos from the winter heat waves may receive more media attention but it is actually the winter season that pushes YouTube on the edge when did the poor and the sick and creates the perfect conditions for persistent low energy prices in the last two decades in the window Iare energy prices can increase the exposure of people to the cold weather and can certainly increase the number of deaths since more people will be at risk of a lack of height according to The economist study and real average residential European gas and electricity costs are 144 percent and 78% above the figures for the years between 2000 and 2019 0% did not experienced such a drastic hike in energy prices in a few decades donations are most susceptible to the harshness of the winter but Nations like Italy to are expected to feel the pain a lack of heating systems and welfare schemes can exacerbate the situation that is why much richer Nations like Finland despite being called up through with a relatively lower discount because economists suggests that the increase in deaths caused simply by higher energy prices is the number of soldiers that have died in Ukraine which is at 25,000 to 13045 that's a staggering number of deaths and it shows the larger impact of Russia's war on your own policy said it shows the larger impact of Russia's war on Ukraine and Europe zone short-sighted policies over Ukraine itself is at Great risk with long blackout.

 I was hunting the country ever since Russia targeting its energy grid and with supplies running short Ukraine is bracing for the infamous Sub-Zero temperatures that it goes through every winter the possible impact on civilians may be devastating what do you think y'all can do to save itself and Ukraine from the winter season do let us know in the comments

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