v Give it to Ukraine Poland snubs Nation

Give it to Ukraine Poland snubs Nation

 Give it to Ukraine Poland snubs Nation

After the Ukrainian air defense missile hit Poland recently NATO and Russia came very close to a direct confrontation . The regime in Kviv wasted no time in manufacturing the theory the Russia had attacked Poland with missiles ,Poland is a NATO member State and if Ukraine's claims were taken on and the world will be second world war.it was only quetionary by the USA and then by the Nato to prevent such a war. Need of protecting Poland want help from NATO. Germany recently offered Poland the Euro fighter planes and the Patriots air defense missile batteries initially Poland's defense minister said that it was an offer he would accept with satisfaction but then something changed to play hardball with Germany. the most important man and Poland is not this person who is the president or him who's the prime Minister.

 it's this man  kaczynski the leader of agency on Wednesday the leader of Poland's ruling party. said the German offer is interesting but that and I quote it would be best for Portland security if Germany handed the equipment to the ukrainians. ever since prime minister and defense minister have echoed the sentiments of their boss. saying Germany should give the Patriots defense minister Germany to have the Patriot batteries offered to Poland transfer to Ukraine. and deployed at its western border.

 the Germany has hit back Germany had offered the Patriot and system to Poland as a gesture of Goodwill and to ensure that stray Ukrainian missiles don't land in Polish territory in the future instead Berlin received a lecture from the Polish government which said that the system should be given to you Queen would directly involve that's something which the military alliance has been trying to avoid since the day Russia invaded Ukraine so Germany made some things very clear to Poland Germany's defense minister has said that the Patriot air defense systems her country has offered Poland are intended for use and I quote on NATO territory German defense minister Christine Lambert said these Patriots any use outside needle territory would require prior discussions with NATO and the Allies at the core of Poland's weird fascination with getting NATO involved in a war with Russia is the Polish ruling party is to stand for Germany Poland will soon head for elections and the law and Justice party often begins before elections as a matter of fact Poland has time and again ask for water decorations from Germany this month Warsaw center diplomatic note to its allies in the European Union and NATO asking for 1.3 trillion Euros in world war II reparations from Germany that marked a stock escalation in diplomatic animosity between the two countries Germany currently has just 12 Patriot units two of which are deployed Redstone from that's down from 36 Patriot units which the country operated during the Cold war so for Germany to give one unit to Poland is quite a big sacrifice but the gesture was snapped off by Poland Ukraine on the other hand was very happy after Poland suggested the air defense system Don't let it Snow what you think in the comments.

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