v Q: Who are the Mossi people ???

Q: Who are the Mossi people ???

 Q: Who are the Mossi people ???

Ans: Mossi are descendants of Princes YENEGA 

Q: Who is Princess Yenenga ?

Ans: She a Daughter Naa Gbewaa who migrated to what is now Burkina Faso,Married and came back with a son called Ouedraogo.

Q: Who is Founded the Mossi dynasty?

Ans: Ouedroago left Morden  day GHANA with warriors from Ancient Dagban(Mamprusi,Dagomba and Nanumba) and fought battles and finally settled in Tenkodogo and founded the first Mossi kingdom.

Q: Where are the “Dagbamba” Warriors now ?

Ans: They are now recognized as Mossi and are the traditional Mossi warriors called Tapsoba.TAPSOBA are direct descendants of Naa Gbewaa.

Q:Which means Mossi Rather migrated from GHANA to Burkina ?

Ans:Of course yes,it is the Reason why the Nayiri plays a role in the enskinement of the king of Tenkodogo and the king visits the Nayiri to pay homage after enskinement.

Source: Mossi Youth Association Ghana.

Picture:. Zugraana Naaba Guiguem-Pollé 

Tenkodogo Naaba

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