v Ukraine strike deep inside Russia, Moscow hits back harder and

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Ukraine strike deep inside Russia, Moscow hits back harder and

 Ukraine strike deep inside Russia, Moscow hits back harder and

Another day of pro Russia- Ukraine war has made Kviv nightmare continues. Russia decided to pounds again harder it's been 60 days of counting sine Russia decided to pound Ukraine Energy infrastructure.

Officials and ordinary Ukrainians  have left scrambling for electricity.

The latest barrage of Russia strike's has led to about haft of the region surrounding Kiev beIN deprived of electricity.

The situation could worsen incoming days and as temperatures drop below zero Celsius you can only imagine how tough it's going to be for Ukraine and ordinary citizens.

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Russia fired barraged of long-range missiles on Ukraine on Monday killing 4 people and destroying homes in the southern region of Ukraine.

The new wave of missiles strikes marks the eighth times Russia has struck Ukraine in as many weeks

Ukraine says it shot down 60 out of 70 missiles fired by Russia it added that energy facilities had hit in the region of Kiev vineed signed of West Central  Ukraine and odesa in the south.

Moscow says it hit 17 of it's target the strike's are rather normal that's what Russia has been doing.

What is interesting to note here is the timing the strike's come at a time when Ukraine was to finish repairing in previous Russia attacks the country was working hard to restore electricity in area that continue to languish in darkness Ukraine was all set to go from emergency blackouts to scheduled outages and then Russia swung into action too good to only a scheer coincidence right.

Basically, the latest Russian missiles strikes have played spoil sport in the little progress Ukrainian authorities made in getting the country energy grid up and running.

Lexi Culeba, Key regional Governor warned that about the haft of the Ukraine will not have electricity in the upcoming days according to Reuters, the capital city of key with a population of 3 million

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